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We are currently unable to provide one-time cleans

Scrubbies Cleaning Services

Welcome to Scrubbies Cleaning Services available in Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Blind Bay, Enderby, Armstrong and Vernon BC.

A lot can go right when you hire a house cleaner. The house smells great, the floors aren’t sticky anymore and you do not have to spend your day off elbow deep in a bucket of water. Unfortunately, though, things can go wrong. Maybe the cleaner regularly overlooks fingerprints on the kitchen cabinets, or the dust under the telephone receiver and it drives you crazy. Or maybe the pictures are left hanging crooked or the cleaning lady is a no-show.

At Scrubbies, we provide trained, professional cleaners who “detail” clean your home to the way you like it. Should you have a concern at any time, a Scrubbies supervisor will make sure you are heard and taken care of.

  • Scrubbies Cleaners are Trained and Supervised.
  • All staff are covered by liability insurance and WCB.
  • We use one cleaner, the same one, every time and we use your vacuum and supplies.

The Scrubbies Advantage

Choosing between an independent or professional cleaning company for my home/office. It is important to put some thought into who you hire to clean for you. You want someone who you can trust and will clean according to your requirements. You should hire someone who is trained and actually makes their living in the cleaning business. On the other hand, you need to have realistic expectations as no one is going to do things exactly the way you would. You also want a cleaner who won’t leave you stuck with the bill if there is an accident or loss.

Independent house cleaners may cost less, but recognize that they may cancel regularly due to the home cleaner not feeling well or other reasons they deem more important. This translates to frustration for you and that your home won’t be cleaned when you are expecting it to be. We often get calls from desperate people whose cleaner has let them down. It is very important to do your own background checks prior to hiring.

Keep in mind too, that you may be liable for paying taxes and workers compensation payouts for an independent cleaner as well as be responsible for losses and thefts. Also, if they are injured in your home, your house insurance likely will not cover them or they may decide to sue you. The fact is, to save a few dollars, you put all your assets at risk.

Professional companies will carry ‘proof of liability’ insurance and worker’s compensation coverage for their cleaners, which relieves you of any liability. In addition, each Scrubbies cleaner is screened, required to submit a criminal records check and must work at least two weeks with a qualified supervisor so they can service your home to Scrubbies high standard. If the cleaner who does your home quits employments, the company will replace that person with another qualified cleaner, thus saving you the hassle and inconvenience of searching for someone else. Your Scrubbies cleaner will get to know your home and clean it just the way you like it.