Residential House Cleaning Service

Two big reasons why our cleaning service is so popular with our customers are:

  • We send only one cleaner to your home. The same one each time. Most cleaning companies send a carload of different cleaners with an assembly line approach. Our concept is so well liked because you have a cleaning person that you can trust who gets to know your home and does the job right.
  • We “detail” clean your home every time. Many other cleaners will come in and merely do a surface clean only. This is the biggest complaint we hear every day from people who call us is that their present cleaner is not doing the job. Detail cleaning means that we wash your floors by hand, clean under the kitchen sink and dust the baseboards, light switches and fixtures. We clean around and under things on your tabletops and counters. All our cleaners are trained and supervised with their work periodically checked by a supervisor.


We are often asked how much we charge per hour which is something we do not do. Our house cleaning pricing is custom-tailored to the cleaning needs of your home and the requirements you have. As every home is different based on lifestyle: pets, children, many visitors along with number of furnishings etc.

Comparing hourly rates between cleaning companies doesn`t give you the correct picture as the “time” factor in not included. You might find a “cheaper rate” but the house cleaner may take longer than scheduled which will end up costing you more than you anticipated.

Scrubbies will send an estimator to your home to go through your home with you carefully listening to what you would like done, when and how, and will give you an actual price. The price provided is how much it will cost to have your home cleaned by Scrubbies, a pricing system our many customers really appreciate. For your convenience we accept pre-authorized payments from VISA and Master Card.

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